Three-phase research approach

The first stage will focus on highlighting current policies, conditions and trends for each field of research, using all relevant information and drawing on a comprehensive set of both quantitative and qualitative sources. During this initial stage of the research, a thorough review of the scientific literature, official documents and previous studies will be conducted. Regarding the quality of data, state-of-the-art techniques will be used to overcome deficiencies and ensure the highest level of accuracy. The research team will then formulate the methodology for undertaking the analysis in the next phase.

The foresight analysis to be performed in the second stage will exploit existing projections and elaborate new scenarios using the methodology and resources developed in the first stage. It will concentrate on delivering assessments of potential evolutions within each field of research. This will be performed during regular consultations with relevant stakeholders engaged in the project, drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge of the outstanding challenges in each studied area.

In the third stage, policy responses will be formulated and the results will be disseminated. In devising this analysis, each scenario will be thoroughly re-assessed to ensure the broadest coverage and the highest level of accuracy. An exceptional dissemination effort will be undertaken to distribute the extensive research materials published throughout the project. A number of workshops and conferences in Europe and in the Southern Mediterranean countries will also be held to engage more actively with the stakeholders and a wider audience.