Scientific Bureau

In order to ensure the coordination between the research areas, the Scientific Bureau will act under a separate work package. Its members consist of senior researchers from the partner institutes involved in MEDPRO, namely:

The Scientific Bureau will benefit from the broad expertise of Prof. Kemal Dervis, former Head of the United Nations Development Program and current Vice President and Director of Global Economy and Development at Brookings Institute. It will systematically address the interaction between the different fields of study and the multidisciplinary endeavours of the work throughout the project. To do so, its members will hold regular meetings ensuring coordination between all partner institutes and formulation of overall methodology, expected results and policy options during the three stages of the research. In addition to the Scientific Bureau, a Scenario-building Committee will be created under the Scientific Bureau. It will coordinate the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research in order to draw up prospective scenarios for the South Mediterranean countries, their relations with the EU and the rest of the world. It will be composed of: