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Jean Louis
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Scientific Bureau, WP9 co-leader
+33 4 91 31 51 95

Jean Louis Reiffers is « Professeur Agregé » in International Economics at the University of Toulon-Var and Associate Professor at Euromed Management. He is president of the Second Chance School, president of the Scientific Council of the Institut de la Méditerrannée and coordinator of the FEMISE’s scientific council. Jean Louis Reiffers was born on September 26th 1941 and obtained his PhD in international economics and finance in 1969. He then became “Professeur Agregé” in 1970 and Dean as well as Vice President of the Aix-Marseille II Faculty of Economics. IN 1970 and for the next 10 years Prof. Reiffers was Director of the Centre of Economics and International Finance (CEFI/CNRS). He was also adviser to the French Minister of Education, Mrs. Edith Cresson. With the help of Marseilles’ regional authorities he created the “Institut de la Méditerrannée” in 1993 of which he became president of the scientific council in order to contribute to the definition of the wide euro mediterranean region. In 1995, he is appointed by the European Commission as president of the working group on education and training. He then contributed to setting of the first Europe’s Second Chance School as he had already proposed in the white paper on education. He is president of the school since 2001. In 1997, in collaboration with Cairo’s Economic Reseach Forum, he created the FEMISE network of which he is president of the scientific council. The FEMISE network gathers today 85 research institutions from the Euromed process. He is author of numerous books and manages the annual reports on the Euromed Partnership published by FEMISE.