MEDPRO Booklet

Funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and coordinated by CEPS Senior Fellow Dr. Rym Ayadi, the MEDPRO project started in March 2010, a few months before the Arab Spring unfurled. The three-year project aims to contribute to the reform process in the political and socio-economic agendas of southern and eastern Mediterranean countries by broadening the level of knowledge on the numerous challenges faced by the region.

This booklet, prepared as background material for MEDPRO’s final conference on 26 February 2013, provides an overview of the project’s aims, organisational structure, research fields, scientific team and main findings.

It also provides an opportunity to introduce the Euro-Mediterranean Economists’ Association (EMEA), which has been established as a follow-up initiative to MEDPRO. Building on MEDPRO’s extensive knowledge base, EMEA will track socioeconomic developments in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region over the coming years and work to ensure continued attention at the highest political level to maintaining constructive relations between the EU and the Mediterranean region.

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